[xml] Release of libxml2-2.6.29

  Following the requests on the libxslt list it was clearly time for a new


It includes a lot of bug fixes:
* Portability:
 - patches from Andreas Stricke for WinCE
 - fix compilation warnings (William Brack)
 - avoid warnings on Apple OS/X (Wendy Doyle and Mark Rowe)
 - Windows compilation and threading improvements (Rob Richards)
 - compilation against old Python versions
 - new GNU tar changes (Ryan Hill)
* Documentation:
 - xmlURIUnescapeString comment
* Bugfixes:
 - xmlBufferAdd problem (Richard Jones)
 - 'make valgrind' flag fix (Richard Jones)
 - regexp interpretation of \
 - htmlCreateDocParserCtxt (Jean-Daniel Dupas)
 - configure.in typo (Bjorn Reese)
 - entity content failure
 - xmlListAppend() fix (Georges-Andrï Silber)
 - XPath number serialization (William Brack) 
 - nanohttp gzipped stream fix (William Brack and Alex Cornejo)
 - xmlCharEncFirstLine typo (Mark Rowe)
 - uri bug (Franïois Delyon)
 - XPath string value of PI nodes (William Brack)
 - XPath node set sorting bugs (William Brack) 
 - avoid outputting namespace decl dups in the writer (Rob Richards)
 - xmlCtxtReset bug
 - UTF-8 encoding error handling
 - recustion on next in catalogs
 - fix a Relax-NG crash
 - workaround wrong file: URIs
 - htmlNodeDumpFormatOutput on attributes
 - invalid character in attribute detection bug
 - big comments before internal subset streaming bug
 - HTML parsing of attributes with : in the name
* Improvements:
 - keep URI query parts in raw form (Richard Jones)
 - embed tag support in HTML (Michael Day)

  Thanks to everybody who helped with bug reports or patches !
There is still an large set of bug report unprocessed in gnome.org bugzilla
for libxml2, I tried to cope with what was looking urgent or easy, but if 
people have spare time, help triaging and fixing would be clearly welcome


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