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On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 01:35:37PM +0200, John Loutzenhiser wrote:

   we would very much like to move to relaxng for validation of our xml's
   in our middleware, but unfortunately we ran across this bug!
   I can confirm the exponential blowup reported in this bug perfectly. A
   document  with an element with 13 optional attributes takes ~2 seconds
   to   validate,  way  too  long  considering  W3C  validation  using  a
   semantically equivalant schema takes just a few milliseconds.
   It  seems  the  number  of validation states undergoes blowup. I can't
   pretend to really understand the problem, but there is a loop over all
   states in the validation context at line 10461 in relaxng.c
   where validate state gets called. With 13 optional attributes it tries
   to  validate 8192 states, and this loop starts being a real drag. Take
   it up to 14 and it tries AGAIN to validate 16,384 states.
   We  love  libxml2,  and  we  love  relaxng,  but  this  bug  is a real
   Any news? Please, please let us know.

  Sounds like a bug, yes, but I had no time to try to address it at the


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