Re: [xml] Generating XML from Schema definitions (again, sorry)

On Fri, Jul 27, 2007 at 06:50:42PM +1000, callum_r_gibson yahoo com au wrote:
On 27 Jul 03:45, Daniel Veillard wrote:
}  We don't really have what you expect and for a variety of reasons:
}    - first you can't systematically derive one kind of document from
}      a schemas, it's like trying to derive one string from a complex
}      regexp. You need schemas or regexps preceisely because your
}      document or string can mute into various ways. It's a completely
}      open problem if looked from a generic POV.

I understand what you mean - I assume you're referring to optional and
repeating elements, for example.

  Right, in the case of RNG this is evem harder because the expressive power 
allows way more constructs.

However I would be using my internal
mapping of xpaths (or something similar) to drive which of those elements
I would need to generate. So I guess I would be looking to use a
combination of the schema and my own internal data mapping table. That
should allow a specific document to be output. For example, if you
traverse into a non-optional element and could find no match
definition/xpath in the data mapping table or data callback then that
would obviously be an error. Alternatively, you could default to null or
empty values.

Anyway, that's my naive concept of what I want to do. Maybe I'll get
further along and find it just won't work.

  Well I'm just stating that you need a lot of a priori knowledge beside
from just the schemas to really drive such generators.

}  Sorry, but unless you basically copy some of the internal definitions in
}your own code and try to hack your way in, it's just not possible as all
}the data structures are opaque from an API viewpoint, and even then, it
}may be really hard/impossible to get what you want just because the internal
}structures are heavilly processed toward validation, not to be exposed as
}'how the schemas look', for exemple we build regexp like internal validation
}structure, which are compressed to binary tables to express element content
}model, and getting from there to a possible instance would be far from trivial.

Anyway, thanks for your reply. It sounds like nothing is in the library
at present to do what I want. If I come up with a great solution that's
fit for public consumption, I'll hassle you again with some patches. ;)

  okay, though the XSD part is a bit scary even for me :-)


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