Re: [xml] [Patch] fix xmllint for win32

William M. Brack schrieb:
Christian Ehrlicher wrote:

To use xmllint on windows I had to do some small changes (see attached

But I'm still having problems when I define $SGML_CATALOG_FILES with
native path separators:

set $SGML_CATALOG_FILES=e:/kde/kdelibs/kdoctools/customization/catalog

works fine, but

set $SGML_CATALOG_FILES=e:\kde\kdelibs\kdoctools\customization\catalog

does not work correct. The referenced file 'dtd/kdex.dtd' (which is
located in e:\kde\kdelibs\kdoctools\customization\dtd\kdex.dtd) could
not be found.
Can you give me a hint where I can take a look to fix this issue?

One bug ( ) was just
fixed in SVN - could you please check whether that fixes your problem, or
whether we need to look further?

I did a quick test and it seems to fix all my problems. Will those changes go into 2.6.28?


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