Re: [xml] Proposed patch for #389786

Stéphane Bidoul wrote:

Here is a proposed patch for bug #389786.

Apparently, the regression was introduced with revision 3396 of uri.c
was checked-in with following comment
"* uri.c: applied patch from Rob Richards fixing the URI regressions
  tests on Windows which seems to indicate bad escaping.

That revision 3396 effectively defeated the part of code a couple of
before that replaces the \ with / (for relative path only).

Of course my patch needs to be reviewed thoroughly, since I don't really
understand the URI and path normalization code in uri.c, and I just
a local correction to make that particular test happy. If someone can
me how to run the URI regression tests on windows, I would be glad to
that first, however.

I have reviewed your proposed patch, and concur that it correct.  I made
a couple of other unimportant changes (adding some additional comments
and deleting a few lines of superfluous code) and have updated uri.c in
SVN.  I'll see if I can make the regression tests run under Windows, and
let you know the results later.


Thanks for the patch!


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