[xml] Freeing of input passed to Function: xmlIOParseDTD


      In the API reference section of xmlIOParseDTD (xmlSAXHandlerPtr sax,
                                                                       xmlParserInputBufferPtr input,
                                                                       xmlCharEncoding enc)

there is note saying - @input will be freed by the function in any case

      But when I went through the SourceCode of the version 2.6.23, I found that it is not getting freed in all the cases. For example –

1)    ctxt = xmlNewParserCtxt();

       if (ctxt == NULL) {


       }  - It directly returns NULL without freeing the input


2)    pinput = xmlNewIOInputStream(ctxt, input, XML_CHAR_ENCODING_NONE);

    if (pinput == NULL) {

        if (sax != NULL) ctxt->sax = NULL;



    } – For failure within the function – xmlNewIOInputStream(), if xmlNewInputStream() fails

There can be a potential memleak while using the API xmlIOParseDTD(). And -

Even the caller of xmlIOParseDTD() cannot take a decision to free input. Because in some cases it gets freed, especially the success case and erratic DTD buffer case.

Freeing the input in all the cases within the function xmlIOParseDTD() needs to be done.

I am using this API. How should I deal with this situation?

Thanks & Regds.,

Jaya Kumar

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