Re: [xml] "Proper" way to use XML (not library specific)

Will Sappington wrote:
To address some of the questions raised about how the Profile will be
used, the use case here is quite simple.  The profile is read-only,
there will never be a reason for the application to modify its own
configuration.  The application opens the profile once at
initialization, reads its config parameters, which may be a small subset
of the total depending on how many applications it contains, and
discards the profile.  The queries themselves are quite simple, just
"gimme the value that matches this application/section/item ID".
<snip again>

Well, it does seem sort of silly to roll your own classes if this is all you need to do. Just wrap it in a class with a good interface and you're good to go.

I think your original post mentioned some difficulty due to unfamiliarity with XPath. Here's a very good tutorial site that helped me learn to use XSLT:

Best regards,

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