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   1. Do we need to have the elements in the same order in
xml as xsd ?

Yes, as long as you define <xs:sequence> in your XSD the elements have
to be in the same order in the XML as in your XSD.
If you want to add the elements in no specific order, have a look at
<xs:all> which you can use instead of <xs:sequence> in you XSD. But be
careful <xs:all> cannot be used as a replacement of <xs:sequence>, there
are some restrictions. The XSD book/page/reference (I use "XML Schema"
from O'Reilly) of your choice describes it in detail...

Just to add a bit more detail, the main limitation of xs:all is that minOccurs and maxOccurs are restricted to be either 0 or 1. Also, xs:any style wildcards are not allowed, nor can xs:all be or have anonymous compositors. And it can't be used in extension scenarios. Hence it might be a bit limiting for your needs. (BTW - some of these limitations maybe relaxed in XSD 1.1, but I wouldn't wait for that to come along!)

I'd also recommend the book Andreas mentioned:

Although, some reviewers seem to think it's not the best text to start with.


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