Re: [xml] [patch] make libxml2 slightly more thread-friendly

On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 10:44:07AM -0600, Ted Phelps wrote:

Daniel Veillard writes:
  see libxml.h in same directory as the C sources, prefix the function names
by __ so even if it shows up in the shared object people are not tempted to
call them and dont export from include/libxml/*.h

Ah, I see it.  Thanks.

Hum, if you know you're in a specific environment where volatile is
expected then go ahead, just avoid it for the platform agnostic code

Ok, I've put the volatile qualifier back in.

Looks good except the __ renaming and include file.


Would you be so kind to make the last changes for the function name
and include, then I guess that should be commited,

Please see below.  Thanks again for your help.

  Okidoc, commited to SVN in changeset 3582

    thanks a lot,


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