[xml] Lots of General XML questions

I find myself searching the web and API documentation a lot forexplanations of what a lot of the xml API's are used for.  Isthere any high level documentation that explains this?  Theexamples and the documentation is good, but it doesn't help in gettingstarted and picking the best techniques.  Some examples:
  1. What are the circumstances for using the different APIs? What is all the xml jargon?  What is an xmlModule and what is dynamic module loading?  What is automata, xlink, a catalog . . . ?
  2. It seems parsing and validation can be done in a number ofways.  However, what are the benifits of one over the other? When would you use sax, over trees or the xmlreader?
  3. Is it safe to combine library routines or should you stick with a small set?
  4. What are the objects that many of the API's are used for?  Such as a QName, a document fragment, a facet . . . ?
  5. What do the qualifiers to the functions do and why are they necessary?  Like the EatName, Raw, Reference, . . . ?
  6. What's a context stack?
  7. How do you set the default schema?
I think if I new what half of this stuff was development would be easier.



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