Re: [xml] xml:lang iso639-2 / rfc3066 / rfc 1766 obsolete

RFC 3066 is obsolete as well; the current RFC defining language tags is 4646. See


On Dec 10, 2007, at 07:42 , Friedbert Wekerle wrote:

Dear wizzards of libxml,

I'm missing the support of


(Old greek)

in libxml;

I'm using version libxml2-2.6.30;

For example, the the xerces-Parser accepts 3-letter language-Codes as valid ones.

I found, rfc 3066 obsoletes rfc 1766

Have I got a possibility of adding
other languagecodes as valid ones,
especially "grc" or removing the validation
against the builtin enumeration of languagecodes?
(without changing the data)

Any other hint?

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Norbert Lindenberg
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