[xml] 32bit libraries in 64bit Linux machine

Title: 32bit libraries in 64bit Linux machine


The project I'm working now has migrated from a 32bit Linux machine to a 64bit Linux machine, with the excuse that it will run faster.

The code I wrote is called by the a CAD simulator (ncsim) as a dynamic library, this code calls the XML library (which is installed as a 64bit library by default on the Linux Machine).

 Under a 32bit Linux machine all goes as required, but when we try to run it on a 64bit machine, problems start to pop up.

- My code needs to be compiled as 32bit in order to run (I'm not sure if this is a ncsim limitation or setup limitation)

- My code calls the installed XML libraries and fail to run due that the libraries encountered are 62bit.


- How can I determine if the installed XML library is 32 or 64 bit?

- How can I make the ncsim load a 32bit XML library? ( via LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable?)

- What are the gcc flags to compile code as 32bit on a 64bit machine? (I want to make sure I'm using the correct flags)

Thanks for your help.

--- Ricky

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