[xml] mod_xml2 has been realeased


I have realeased an early beta of mod_xml2
(http://www.heute-morgen.de/modules/mod_xml2/). This integrates libxml2
with the apache filtering eingine (see
for an overview). A special SAX bucket type is implemented that
encapsulates SAX events. In addition a filter is implemented that parses
XML with libxml2 and generates a stream of these SAX buckets. 

A first nontrivial implementation based on this has been done. This is
mod_i18n (http://www.heute-morgen.de/modules/mod_i18n/), which
implements the zope i18n namespace http://xml.zope.org/namespaces/i18n.
This further exploits libxml2 functionality by parsing small
subdocuments into trees, which are then manipulated with lixml2 tree
functions. When tree processing is finished, the tree is retranslated
into SAX buckets.

Both modules still require substantial testing, fixing and a lot of
little details to be really useful. This will be done. 

Thanks to Daniel Veillard,

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