[xml] Borland C++ Builder question

I'm normally doing things in OSX/gcc with very few issues, but I've also been tasked with getting our libxml2 stuff building in Borland C++ Builder (v5 Professional, with IDE) for a win32 port.

Following the directions in the libxml2 win32 directory was straightforward - using bcb I was able to build libxml2, and there is no problem including the paths and library, and my xml code now compiles and links in my C++ Builder project.

My issue is static linking - the configure.js options only refer to linking xmllint statically. As it stands now, bcb creates a libxml2.dll which must be placed at my executable's level. My goal is to statically link my executable so no libxml2 dll is needed. I've set dynruntime= false, but I don't think this is getting me where I want to get.

This may be a luser Borland question, or even a luser dll question, but I'm not sure (Windows is not my native OS) - I just want to know if there are any gotchas on the libxml2 end of things, or whether I can tweak the bcc32 switches in the Makefile, or whether this is merely a matter of me reading the very fine Borland manual to make it work.

Apologies for another newbie question... any tips from Borland users are appreciated. Am I even on planet Earth with this question?

Stefan Jeglinski

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