[xml] XML Validation using DTD:



Hi ,

I am new to XML Parsing. I was supposed to Parse XML Doc , I did that using libxml DOM parser. But now i need to do it's validation also using DTD , My queries are:

1). According to me DTD using which validation is to be specified in XML file itself. Is it possible , DTD file need not be specified in XML File and still be used for validation purpose.?



<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!DOCTYPE Sample SYSTEM "d.dtd">



2). I know of API xmlCtxtReadFile to get a ctxt for XML file and then check the validity of

ctxt->valid to know if File has passed validation or not.

Consider this :
static void
exampleFunc(const char *filename) {
   xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt; /* the parser context */
   xmlDocPtr doc; /* the resulting document tree */
   /* create a parser context */
   ctxt = xmlNewParserCtxt();
   if (ctxt == NULL) {
       fprintf(stderr, "Failed to allocate parser context\n");
   /* parse the file, activating the DTD validation option */
   doc = xmlCtxtReadFile(ctxt, filename, NULL, XML_PARSE_DTDVALID);
   /* check if parsing suceeded */
   if (doc == NULL) {
       fprintf(stderr, "Failed to parse %s\n", filename);
   } else {
       /* check if validation suceeded */
       if (ctxt->valid == 0)
           fprintf(stderr, "Failed to validate %s\n", filename);
       /* free up the resulting document */
   /* free up the parser context */

But this would not tell me which line/element failed validation? Any other way using libxml DOM.A way where I can do element by element validation.
I hope there are APIs to do that. Pls help me with some code snippet or Documentation.

Thx in Advance,

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