Re: [xml] Inserting document fragment

Op 21-9-2006 11:44 heeft Daniel Veillard het volgende geschreven:
On Thu, Sep 21, 2006 at 11:18:04AM +0200, Kris Breuker wrote:


When I insert a document fragment node (XML_DOCUMENT_FRAG_NODE) into the XML tree (for example using xmlAddChild), the node itself gets inserted instead of its child nodes. This is a bit inconvenient because I am writing a DOM api for a scripting language we're developing here, and the specification ( states:

Furthermore, various operations -- such as inserting nodes as
children of another Node -- may take DocumentFragment objects as
arguments; this results in all the child nodes of the
DocumentFragment being moved to the child list of this node.

  libxml2 don't pretend to implement DOM. XML_DOCUMENT_FRAG_NODE are
an invention of DOM, they don't mean anything from an XML core spec point of view, best is to not generate them in the first place.

I know I can use xmlAddChildList with the children property of the document fragment node, but there are no such functions for xmlAddPrevSibling (i.e. xmlAddPrevSiblingList). Is there an easy way of inserting the children of a document fragment instead of the document fragment itself?

  If you know how to operate on a doubly linked list see -> next, -> prev
and on the parent node -> children and -> last. There is already a awful
lot of entry points in libxml2, I'm not sure I want to add more when in
general people are already just lost trying to find the existing entry
points. Either iterate on the list with the existing functions or do
direct access to list structures.

Ok, I will look into that then.

Thanks, Kris

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