Re: [xml] python wrapper for document API (AND transformCtxt API)

Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> writes:

There are some problems that I could use some help with:

- why is the doc loader context sometimes a stylesheet instead of a

  can libxslt/libxslt/documents.c::xsltLoadStyleDocument be changed so
  that it creates a transformContext or something?

You may load files at stylesheet compilation time or at  transformation time
the context are clearly different, and can't be unified...

A struct of an identifier and a union of stylesheet and transformContext? 

or 2 different values in the function sig with one being NULL when the
other is used?

My problem is passing the context to the python code requires me to
establish what the context is. I'm not a C expert by any stroke of the
chalk... but I don't think there is a way to tell one struct from
another via a void *. Is there?

Or can I just do it by the xsltLoadType?

Nic Ferrier   for all your tapsell ferrier needs

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