[xml] testing against LibXml2 as 3rd Party failure

Hello All,

As I am about to enter testing phase and with the tool we are using for testing checks that has every line executes when we run. For the same I have to provide test data.

Now the problem, rather query in my mind.

How do I check LibXML2 failure as an 3rd Party tool.

As LibXML is 3rd party tool I have to check its + - & handle it before the final product.

for the infirmation I am using "xml text writer" & "xml parser" in specific and related functions for the same.
Local function level I am checking error and showing following data to user

but what about the exception or limitations above the xmlGetLastError???

I hope so you all are getting my query.
Please do reply so as I can prepare test environment & test cases for the same. & if required do advance coding where so needed.

Best Regards

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