Re: [xml] xmlSaveFormatFileEnc() doesn't always write encoding declaration.

In general give what version you used ? CVS head ? 2.6.26 ? ...

On Mon, Oct 23, 2006 at 11:22:43AM +0200, Murray Cumming wrote:
The xmlSaveFormatFileEnc function accepts a NULL for the encoding,
though the documentation doesn't say what that would mean:

  It means falling back to xmlSaveFormatFile() behaviour. I.e. the
encoding embedded in the document if any.

int   xmlSaveFormatFileEnc            (const char * filename, 
                                       xmlDocPtr cur, 
                                       const char * encoding, 
                                       int format)

It does seem to default to UTF-8 encoding when NULL is used,

  Not necessarilly, see before

but NULL also means that the encoding declaration will not be written
at the start of the XML file.

  Wrong, if the document has an encoding embedded (inherited for example
from parsing) it will be advertized, and document will be saved accordingly.

Is that ever a good thing?

  If UTF-8 or UTF-16 it doesn't matter, see appendix F of the spec
Also note that external encoding informations (e.g. from ContentType
HTTP headers) override the XML Declaration encoding if there is one.

It seems like a bug.

 not necessarilly, no

Would it break 
anything to make it always write the encoding declaration? 

  It would break people relying on no encoding being generated, like people
whol may use a post processing either for encoding or when embbeding the
XML serialization in something else. 


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