Re: [xml] Parsing a file that I didn't create

* Jeffrey Bigham wrote:
>libxml correctly messes this up because the closing HTML tags between
>the </script> tags aren't correctly written as <\/name>.  Is there a
>way to use libxml (I'm currently using the SAX parser) without having
>it try to fix things for me?  If not, is there another C library that
>people know of that can just return each tag to me, one at a time,
>without enforcing adherence to the standard?

HTML Tidy ( is able to cope with most of these cases
and you could use it as replacement or as pre-processor (e.g., you could
use it to convert the tag soup into well-formed XML and parse that with
libxml2). Perl's HTML::Parser (
is also written in C and can handle such tag soup in a similar way.

Thanks for the suggestions.  Tidy isn't attractive because time is of
paramount concern and I don't really want to have to do two passes
over the the data.  I took a look at the Perl version and I think it
could probably work for my purposes, although it doesn't look like
there's an easy way to just drop it into my current project.

Isn't there a flag or something I could set in libxml that would tell
it not to output a tag if it doesn't exist in the original source.  If
not, why not?

Thanks again!

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