[xml] Urgent!! ERROR of Invalid IODEF (DTD Error)

I am creating XML with xmlTextWriter...() functions.
I Where by whole XML is written properly...
I debug mode when I see buf->content contents it shows me proper DTD tags.

By for sending it to server via HTTP I need to convert it to char *
strcpy(pXmlBuff, (const char *) buf->content);
Is the way I am converting it to char *, Which is making DTD tag with junk
here is the sample...


Where you can notice the "42ac10-extension" insted of "% x-extension"
"0-extension;]>" insted of "%x-extension;]>"

I am unable to know how to fix this prob...
Definately it is in some of my code...
Am I awrong at copying to char* , should i use sone other datatype...

I am an Japanese environment developer, dose this MBCS environemt is generating
these problems.

Please suggest some solution to this.


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