Re: [xml] gdome_di_createDocFromMemory Memory Leak

2006/11/16, Himalay Gopu <Himalay Gopu openwave com>:
I am a dummy in Gdome world

When we create xml document from memory using

Do we have to free the memory of document using

gdome_doc_unref or


I have tried both functions but still the memory leak exists

Can somebody please throw some light into this

As Daniel already pointed out, this list is for libxml2, not gdome.
Maybe you should try the gdome mailing list instead? [1]

Best regards,
Aron Stansvik


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Subject: RE: [xml] gdome_di_createDocFromMemory Memory Leak

I free up the memory after the processing of the xml tags using

ddome_di_freeDoc (domimpl, response_document, &exception);

and doc implementation using

gdome_di_unref (domimpl, &exception);

in the same order

Is there anything wrong in this


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From: Daniel Veillard [mailto:veillard redhat com]
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Subject: Re: [xml] gdome_di_createDocFromMemory Memory Leak

On Thu, Nov 16, 2006 at 06:59:13AM -0800, Himalay Gopu wrote:
> Is this a BUG in memory management of gdome or libxml?

  No idea this list is about libxml2, and I see gdome code I don't know.
You don't seems to free the document, bit not knowing gdome no idea if
this is the reason...


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