[xml] gdome_di_createDocFromMemory Memory Leak



We are developing a threaded module (15 transactions per second) with gdome and we need to get the xml from memory and parse the same


But when we try to use gdome_di_createDocFromMemory there seems to be a memory leak almost 6144 bytes for every transaction


response_document = gdome_di_createDocFromMemory (domimpl, response.body, GDOME_LOAD_VALIDATING, &exception);


return ((Gdome_xml_DOMImplementation *)self)->vtab->createDocFromMemory

(self, buffer, mode, exc); -> gdome.c


ret = (GdomeDocument *)gdome_xml_n_mkref ((xmlNode *)xmlParseMem

ory (buffer, size)); - > gdome_xml-domimp.c


and then libxml.so


Is this a BUG in memory management of gdome or libxml?


I have compiled the code with newer versions of libxml and gdome still the memory leak exists


I am kind of struck at this stage


Any help is appreciated




Himalay Gopu

Openwave Systems

Phone: 571 241 8006


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