Re: [xml] xmlNewNs question

On Tue, Nov 14, 2006 at 05:40:35PM -0600, David D. Hagood wrote:
Daniel Veillard wrote:

How do you destroy it ? Asking the question is likely to bring back an
unambiguous answer. The function to do this is:
and its description clearly tells it's recursive and free all children.
Namespace declarations are children. Now if you move stuff around it really
depends what you do.

It is NOT clear from the documentation that the namespace declaration is 
a child of the node, as it can get passed to other node objects when 
they are created - so to my mind that makes it owned by multiple objects 
and thus not a child of any one object.

  All this is in the context of XML. In XML data models, XML Namespaces
declarations are some kind of children (either attributes or specific type
of nodes) of the element holding it, and those can only be referenced from
nodes which are in the subtree of said element.
  Don't expect libxml2 doc to replace the XML specifications. The
libxml2 docs s ore nly related of the specifics of that implementation.

These things may be clear to you 

  They should be clear to anybody who understand XML, which IMHO is a 
prerequisite to code XML related applications or libraries.


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