[xml] Linker Errors on Win32


        many thanks.  i was able to figure out how to do exactly what i
wanted to do thanks to your assistance.

i have a new issue now.  before i was working in a small Visual Studios
project.  now i'm trying to move the code i have into a larger system.  on

i have checked all my project settings.  and they are all the same.
not using ATL and using Multi-threaded Debug (/MTd).  linking with
libxml2_a.lib as we'd prefer to minimize DLL redistribution counts.

now depending on how i set up the workspace i get one of 2 types of linker

1. no ignored libs.

i get linker errors saying stuff is dual defined.

2. ignoring LIBCMTD.LIB

i get errors saying CrtDbgReportW is unresolved.

this is the last hurdle to get our system completely onto a libxml based
implementation. which many of us are excited about. i thought this might
have been a common issue.  we have many executables. some command line,
some MFC based.


        very much thxs for the assistance so far.


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