Re: [xml] XPath performance

Karel Michek wrote:
Thank you for the advice. The performance is great. The only problem
is that the DOM tree needs to build in the memory and xml:id does not
seem work to work in this case (so to make the test work the XML
document was serialized and parsed back).

The following fragments from different e-mails can be relevant to this problem:

    >> DOMDocument::getElementByID() doesn't work with xml:id
    >> if the DOMDocument is being created in code.

    > And will never work that way. IDs would need to be set
    > using the DOMElement setIdAttribute methods, but these
    > aren't currently implemented as there are some libxml
    > issues surrounding this.


    > setIDAttribute - thats on the TODO list. Were some previous libxml
    > issues to be resolved before that could be implemented (so it will be
    > added).
Those messages are really old :)

So I wander if it is currently possible to build DOMDocument in the
code and and make
IDs work (or will that be possible)?
Yes, this is now possible. You will need at least .21 (This is the version a lot of the IDness changes were made in).
You will need to use the method DOMElement::setAttribute('xml:id', <id>)

As far as the setID... methods, these are implemented in the latest PHP 5.2.0 release.


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