Re: [xml] libxml2 fails to parse UCS-4 memory input

Hi again,

I did some more investigations, fiddled with the encoding name and finally
found that the iconv support in libxml2 is broken: libxml2 apparently asks for
"UCS-4" although it knows quite well that the correct encoding is "UCS-4LE".
iconv distinguishes between the two.

I'll file a bug report.


Stefan Behnel wrote:
I have a problem parsing UCS-4LE encoded text with libxml2 2.6.24. My iconv
supports that, I checked. However, when I do this:

pctxt = xmlNewParserCtxt();

/* you can also statically use "UCS4" here, no change */
encoding = xmlGetCharEncodingName(xmlDetectCharEncoding(text,buffer_len));

result = xmlCtxtReadMemory(pctxt, text, buffer_len, filename, encoding, options);

I get a fatal parser error stating "Start tag expected, '<' not found".


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