[xml] Namespaces

Hi all,

I was just wondering how to use namespaces with libxml2.
I do something like:

document = xmlNewDoc((const xmlChar *) "1.0");
root = xmlNewDocNode(document, NULL, (const xmlChar *) "IDMEF-Message", NULL);
idmefNS=xmlNewNs(root, (const xmlChar *) "http://iana.org/idmef";,
                  (const xmlChar *) "idmef");
xmlDocSetRootElement(document, root);

Afterwards I am using "xmlNodeDumpOutput" to print the
XML. I expected that I would get prefixed names when
printing some xml documents, something like:

 <idmef:IDMEF-Message xmlns:idmef="http://iana.org/idmef";>
    <idmef:Alert messageid="1234567890">

But I just get:

<IDMEF-Message xmlns:idmef="http://iana.org/idmef";>
  <Alert messageid="1234567890">

Do I have to add the prefixes by myself? Or did I miss
some libxml2 magic commands? :-)

Thanks for any help,


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