Re: [xml] Using xmlDict for newDoc

On Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 11:19:06PM -0500, Jason Viers wrote:
I've noticed that when parsing a doc the xmlDict is part of the 
xmlParserCtxt, and when xmlNewDoc() is used there's no dictionary.  Is 
there any reason I wouldn't want to manually give a dict to the new doc 
and use it when constructing nodes? 

  It's for compatibility, I assume there is a lot of existing code relying
on non-dictionnary behaviour when the trees are created.

It seems to work with preliminary tests, but I'm not yet experienced 
enough with libxml to tell whether using a xmlDict without an 
xmlParserCtxt is bad voodoo.

  Should not be bad voodoo, as long as doc->dict is the dictionnary used
to store the strings, otherwise you will get segfault when freeing the


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