[xml] gaak, Windows... even more newbie...

So, netperf4 has gotten to the point where I would like to start getting it ported to Windows, as has already been done with netperf2. Netperf2 though was completely self-contained and made no use of threads.

I've followed some links for the WIN32 libxml stuff (http://www.zlatkovic.com/libxml.en.html) and found comments like:

 All binaries which you can download from this site use the
 multithreaded dynamic C-runtime (msvcrt.dll). Every program you compile
 using these binaries must use the same runtime. Unless you like your
 app crashing, set up your project to use msvcrt.dll. If you for some
 reason must use a different runtime, then you must get the source and
 compile libxml and friends yourself.

At present, netperf4 is all pthreads. I figured there was going to be a time when "something else" would have to happen for threading in netperf4. I suppose I could do wrappers for the multithreaded dynamic C-runtime msvcrt.dll, but before I go down that path, if I convert netperf4 to use glib, will that accomplish the same task? Is that what folks who want to run using libxml2 on both Unix/Linux and Windows do?

I may want/need to go glib anyway because at some point netperf4 may go gtk+.


rick jones

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