Re: [xml] Does libxml2 create nodes on-the-fly?

On 20.06.06 18:25:05, Buchcik, Kasimier wrote:

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still using the python bindings...

It seems that I always get new python objects everytime I ask for
node.children, is that correct? This makes it rather hard to 

Yes, this is the intended behaviour; otherwise one would have to
implement reference counting or keep the python wrapper objects
for Libxml's nodes always alive.

Ah, so libxml2's python bindings go the easy route ;-)

DOM Level 3 introduced the method "isSameNode" for such scenarios:

Well, nice to know there is a way in theory, but how about libxml2's
actual set of functions? I couldn't find anything with the libxml2
module. So does libxml2 (the python bindings) provide any means of
checking wether 2 nodes are the same wrt. to the dom? 


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