Re: [xml] lazy libxml

On Tuesday 20 June 2006 08:51, Nic James Ferrier wrote:
Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> writes:
  The problem is that libxml2 core won't be aware of that subtype.
And adding a node type to libxml2 is not something I would do

I don't think one would do it like that. See below.

I don't really understand what it is aiming at honnestly,

The reason for having lazy XML is that you can add things to the tree
that are lazy.

Ok, so that was a dumb explanation. Here's my practical use case.

I am developing XRT ( which is an HTTP
server side mechanism using XSLT as the main handling language.

XRT has to handle all types of content though, not just XML. I would
like XRT to be able to handle binary types (like raster images) by
representing them as XML binary objects (as Tim Bray has suggested)

  <element xml:binary="base64">

I think Daniel nicely outlined the various problems exposed in your idea. I 
would like to add that you should look into XPath 2.0/XSL-T 2.0/XQuery 1.0
(not supported by libxml2), which has builtin support for types like 



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