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  The new release was actually pushed 2 days ago you can find it at

 The release fixes some of the compilation troubles with 2.6.24
and a few bug fixes. It also embbeds the new optimizations of XPath
done by Kasimier:

* portability fixes:
 - Python detection (Joseph Sacco)
 - compilation error(William Brack and Graham Bennett)
 - LynxOS patch (Olli Savia)
* bug fixes:
 - encoding buffer problem
 - mix of code and data in xmlIO.c(Kjartan Maraas)
 - entities in XSD validation (Kasimier Buchcik)
 - variousXSD validation fixes (Kasimier)
 - memory leak in pattern (Rob Richards andKasimier)
 - attribute with colon in name (Rob Richards)
 - XPath leak inerror reporting (Aleksey Sanin)
 - XInclude text include of self document
* improvements:
 - Xpath optimizations (Kasimier)
 - XPath object cache(Kasimier)

 Thanks to everyone who helped for this release !
And for the curious minds who wonder where 2.6.25 is, you may find it
if you dig around, but please don't use it, and for the full story ask
Kasimier ;-)


Yeah, I nicely added a segfault to xpath.c on the day whan Daniel was
releasing 2.6.25; and I realized it not until the release was already
So, Daniel, thanks again for the extra trouble with releasing the lib
once again; I bet it let you grow a few extra gray hairs (if you have
any). Also thanks God (or whatever) that we don't work in the same room,
otherwise I would miss some limbs already :-)



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