Hello, I recently upgraded libxml to 2.6.23 and libxslt to 1.1.15.  I read about the new XML_PARSE_COMPACT flag that can supposedly provide some optimizations and I wanted to make use of that.  The problem is, all throughout my code I call xmlParseMemory which doesn’t allow me to use the new flag.  So, I am guessing that I need to change all of these calls to xmlReadMemory but I wanted to make sure that there aren’t any side effects that I am unaware of.  Is xmlParseMemory just an outdated api now?  Also, I assumed that making the following changes would provide equivalent results:


doc = xmlParseMemory(xml, strlen(xml));

doc = xmlReadMemory(xml, strlen(xml), NULL, NULL, XML_PARSE_COMPACT);


Am I way off base here?  Also, I only want to make this change if I am guaranteed to receive some performance enhancement (I know that it depends on the format of the xml to a point).


Thanks in advance,





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