[xml] xml nobie.. can i use this xml format??

Hello everyone.

can i use blow xml format in libxml2 ?

but if i use that xml which load xmlparseMemory then
the problem is occurred in cpu1:free attribute.

       <cpu1:free> 10</cpu1:free>
       <cpu2:free> 90 </cpu2:free>


and the error message is

namespace error : Namespace prefix cpu1 on free is not defined
<getinfo>                       <system>                        <cpu1:free> 1.0</cpu1:free>                      <cpu2:free>1.0</cpu2:free>
namespace error : Namespace prefix cpu2 on free is not defined
<getinfo>                       <system>                        <cpu1:free>1.0</cpu1:free>                      <cpu2:free>1.0</cpu2:free>


How can i solve it??


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