[xml] DTD Validation

hello all
I am using following code to read XML buffer to XML_DOC pointer

xml_doc = xmlReadMemory(xml_memory_reference,

& my XML Buffer Contains DTD definations...

1. I have my.EXE which has above code.
2. DTD files in the same folder.
3. When EXE runs it works fine.

Now the queries & ploblem...
1. How Can't I relocate the DTD files and still the process can
be workded out without any error or the warning message.
As right now when EXE folder do not have DTD files it shows
me following at the command prompt.

................ "FileName.DTD"

2. How can I validate the XML buffer with the DTD specified.
& if above thing heppands how can i trap it to show warning
/ error to user.

Thanks to all in advance.

Bipin Mistry

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