[xml] Access violations with xmlDocDumpMemory

Hello World,

I'm creating a new document in the memory. The document is well formed
and if I save it to the file system using xmlSave[Format]FileEnc, I get
the exspected result. The problem is that I need the document in a
string, so I thought to use one of xmlDocDump*Memory* family. The
document size does not matter, I tried from 4k to 2.5MiB...
But now I'm having a problem with xmlDocDumpMemory in all flowers (e.g.
with or without *Format and *Enc). No matter which of these functions I
call, I always get an access violation.
Are there any preconditions I need to fulfill to make it work?

I'm using the Windows version 2.6.24 from Igor (also tried 2.6.22+, but
the same results) with Delphi/Pascal bindings.

Any ideas?

TIA and best regards
Andreas Tscharner                      andreas tscharner metromec ch
Gordon's Law:
If you think you have the solution, the question was poorly phrased.

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