Re: [xml] thanks a lot ---some more help ---


On Tue, 2006-01-17 at 10:45 -0700, Dan Morrison wrote:
I was having problems with libxml2 in win32 crashing also... I could
call DOM and XMLReader interface functions just fine, but as soon as
my app started some threads, it would crash every time.

My first thought was that the MS alphabet soup of C libraries were
conflicting, so I rebuilt it and iconv (no zlib) using every variation
there was an option for.  Either none of them matched my
mutli-threaded debug DLL build from MSVC in Visual Studio (unlikely),
or something else was the problem.  All my crashes were related to the
GlobalState stuff with threads.

In the end, since I only create, use, and destroy libxml2 objects from
within one thread, I compiled libxml2 without thread support, and
everything worked fine.

Bottom line: my experience is that compiling libxml2 as a DLL for
Win32 is a lot trickier than compiling it as a shared library for


Hmm, I just want to make clear that I had problems regarding libxml2,
built under the msvc++ GUI; we don't experience problems with the
library being built by the official script. We heavily make use of
Libxml2 through a Delphi wrapper in a multi-threaded app (an application
server), and did not encounter any thread related problems yet.
The most cumbersome thing for us was to set up error handler callbacks
for each new thread.
You don't eventually use xmlCleanupParser() at the wrong place?



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