Re: [xml] Apparently incorrect paragraph wrapping in HTML parser

On Friday 13 January 2006 13:30, iSteve wrote:
So are saying you are happy about the status when the paragraphs do not
get inserted?


I have no problem with implied html, head and body; I only have problem
with paragraphs, since they generally occure more than once in the
document, and at various places... so if there is a rule regarding <p>
in CSS, and some extra <p> appears where the designer didn't expect it
to pop up, issues may arise.

 > I'd prefer if the parsing was not affected by the Doctype, because
 > it's mostly meaningless on the web.

Ehm... no, they are not meaningless? As Liam Quinn himself confirmed
earlier, the tags allowed in <body> _DO_ depend on the given doctype.
How come it is meaningless? And what about the case of someone using
custom DTD with libxml2 HTML parser?

I just mean that many page authors use a Doctype without understanding what it 
means and without making their pages conform to it.


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