Re: [xml] HP-UX compilation warnings for 2.6.23

Rick Jones wrote:

looks buggy to me, there is a goto next_node; below the loop, and next_node is declared inside the loop, not very nice, but I think the compiler
is in error, probably worth pointing to your compiler engineers...

I'll see what I can do.

You may want to point them to:

  Ana Erosa & Laurie Hendren, "Taming Control Flow: A Structured
  Approach to Eliminating Goto Statements", Proceedings of the IEEE
  Computer Society International Conference on Computer Languages
  (ICCL), pp. 16-19, 1994.

"xmlmodule.c", line 284: warning #2167-D: argument of type "void **" is
         incompatible with parameter of type "shl_t *"
     rc = shl_findsym(&handle, name, TYPE_UNDEFINED, symbol);

So, it would appear that a bit of configure manipulation might suffice, and then on those HP-UX systems with dlopen it will take the dlopen path rather than the shl_load path.

But won't the problem persist on HP-UX versions prior to 11.11?

A possible workaround could be to do something like this (caveat: I
have not tested it; in fact, I have not looked at the code in question,
only the above snippet)

  shl_t pointer;
  rc = shl_findsym(&pointer, name, TYPE_UNDEFINED, symbol);
  handle = pointer;

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