Re: [xml] Potential wrong usage of xmlIsID() in tree.c

Hi Kasimier,

Won't be able to go over some of the things you brought up in detail until tomorrow, so here's an abbreviated response on some of the issues.

Kasimier Buchcik wrote:

It never even crossed my mind that someone might be building a list of attributes without a corresponding element. Have no qualms about removing that check.

I really dunno; the attribute handling is this function looks weird
anyway, so I could think of that one being used for weird use-cases.
But I have no preferences here, since I don't use it.
It could probably be left as is and allow for an attribute without parent. I also have no preference for the same reason, but if anyone is using those functions with attributes, the potential crashes needs to be fixed at a minimum.

b) You noticed the potential chance here of freeing
   the attribute (@cur) to which a sibling attribute (@elem) should be
   attached if both have the same ns and local-name. We need to fix
Yup, ran across this issue in all the sibling functions.

OK. What do you think about compiling this semantic and
also the addition/removal of IDs into one function to be called by the
various append-something-to-something functions? Or would it slow down
things too much?
I was planning on trying to do that as part of my cleanup. I think for maintainability it needs to be done more than anything.
Really wanted to just show the proposed ID changes in that patch.

2) xmlAddPrevSibling():
 a) Similar to xmlAddNextSibling().
 b) Tries to automatically convert the doc of @elem, if different.
   I fear that trying to handle moving-to-different-docs related
   semantics at the level of every tree-modifying function will
   result in much scattered and potentially hard-to-maintain code.
I agree with this and personally handle this myself prior to calling the functions, but the functionality for this has always been here so could possibly break apps if removed. All I did here was move it around a bit.

Ah, OK. So it even needs to take care of moving the value to the
destination doc's dict if it was in the source doc's dict.
You just hit on the issue with xmlSetTreeDoc. Basically it needs to incorporate the adopt string functionality you wrote with the DOM functions. I had started looking at this a while back but didnt have the time and evenutally forgot about this until now :(

About automatic ID detection:
 IIRC, for DOM, there's no such automatic behaviour defined.
This would probably fall under the category of:
"using mechanisms that are outside the scope of this specification, it is then an externally-determined ID attribute."

Hmm, I don't think so, since for DTD, XML Schema and setting IDs via the
API, this is defined (directly above that specific sentence in the
spec). I think this is intended to be a fall-back rule for other
I'm not sure either. Was throwing it out as a possible answer since we all know how clear the DOM specs always are :)

OK. The first important thing for me to know is, if we can revert the
already existent automatic detection of IDness via xmlIsID() or not.
I believe it was added in .21. I didn't give it much thought until you brought this issue up, but have no problems if it gets removed until everything gets hashed out. This is just my opinion as I am not sure how many apps are relying on this functionality now.


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