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Ummm, I´ve done more tests and it happends with more files...
I am using python 2.3 and libxml2 2.6.20 on a Linux Box with Red Hat AS and kernel 2.4.21-20.

Searching on the web I have read this:

"...I never tested 2.3 and it seems this breaks a lot of stuff. Go back to 2.2 or debug the problem, maybe someone else can work on it, I don't have time ATM to track this."

If I cannot go back to 2.2 with combination of python and libxml2 is recomended?

Thanks again, and sorry for the emailing abuse

On 2/8/06, Cesar Ortiz <cesar ortiz gmail com> wrote:

I was parsing a 9208 bytes html file, just with an only call to htmlParseChunk and the parser hanged. None of my callbacks where called.
When I changed the way of proccesing the file to use a fixed chunk size it worked.
What surprises me is that I have processed before really big files without any problem. I think this behaviour is quite strange.

I am going to try to see what the parser doesn´t like. If you are interested I can provide the file.

Regards, César

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