Re: [xml] Debugging memory in libxml2

Daniel and Chris -

Thanks for the guidance, I've done the investigation, and here is what I've found so far...

1. The first calls to the libxml2 library occur in a thread (not in main).
2.  When a second thread makes a call to xmlBufferCreate() it calls xmlGetGlobalState(), which traps on EnterCriticalSection(&cleanup_helpers_cs); (line 569 in 2.6.26).
3. Compiler is MSVC  13.10.3077 (32 bit)
4. Libxml2 version is 2.6.26
5. Libxml2 was built with configure.js debug=yes

I've checked and made sure that every component is built with /MD so there aren't any CRT problems.  Is there something I have to do in main before I can access libxml2 in multiple threads?  Are there problems with xmlBuffer's being accessed from multiple threads?  Any other hints?

Thanks and Merry Christmas,


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