Re: [xml] Line number always 0 on schema error

On Fri, Dec 15, 2006 at 03:57:24PM +0100, Andreas Tscharner wrote:
Hello World, heelo Daniel,

I'm validating an XML file against a schema (Delphi):

schParCtxt := xmlSchemaNewMemParserCtxt(schemBuf, schemBufLen);
sch        := xmlSchemaParse(schParCtxt);
schValCtxt := xmlSchemaNewValidCtxt(sch);
schemaRet  := xmlSchemaValidateDoc(schValCtxt, xmlFile);

If schemaRet is != 0 I'll get the error using xmlGetLastError:

if (schemaRet <> 0) then begin
  schemError := xmlGetLastError();

No matter for what reason nor where an error happens during the
validation, the schemError^.line value is always 0.

I'm using libxml2 2.6.26 with the Delphi bindings...

  Please try first with the latest version, so we don't chase a 
non-existent bug.

Confirmed for the latest version 2.6.27...

The schemaRet error code is 1868, the domain code is 17, error level is
XML_ERR_ERROR and the given text is correct: I removed a required
attribute from a node("The attribute 'z' is required but missing")...
The program and the schema are both in memory.

Best regards
Andreas Tscharner                          andreas tscharner metromec ch
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