Re: [xml] Cross-compiling for PPC?

David Hagood wrote:

I'm trying to cross-compile libXML2 to run on an embedded system running
Linux on a PPC - does anybody have a pointer to a good cross-compiling
guide for libXML2?

The target system has an NFS file system and shared libraries, so it's
just a matter of me not knowing what to tell configure so it knows I'm
This is the script I use to build for an ARM platform. I can't imagine that PPC would be significantly different....

You probably don't want to use soft-float and change CC to whatever your cross-compiler is called.

export CFLAGS="-msoft-float -L$ROOTDIR/$PLATFORM/lib -I$ROOTDIR/../include"
export LDFLAG="-lz"
export CC=arm-linux-gcc

make clean

./configure \
       --host=arm-linux \
       --target=arm-linux \
       --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu \
       --prefix=/ \
       --exec-prefix=/ \
&& make  \
&& cp -a ./.libs/libxml2\.so* $ROOTDIR/$PLATFORM/lib \
&& cp -a include/libxml $ROOTDIR/../include
&& arm-linux-strip --strip-unneeded $ROOTDIR/$PLATFORM/lib/libxml2*

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