[xml] Raw parsing an XML file or via xmlReader?


Like in most of the programming tasks we do, we have a few ways to
resolve a task, and my
question goes for parsing an XML file.

I see that I can parse and extract the required information using a raw
interface as explained in
http://www.xmlsoft.org/tutorial/xmltutorial.pdf (or

The same task can be done using the xmlReader API, which is a little bit
more complicated but may be more powerful.

The scenario: 
- I need to read, parse, and then write an XML file that contains my
tool configuration settings.
- The file contains sections that may be re-used when the tool wants to
export/import partial settings.
- The file may reach a size of 200KBytes..

- Should I use raw parsing (as in the examples on the tutorial) or use
- When creating the file, should I use xmlWritter?

I'm new to this XML library, I got drown already with the information in
I'm sure that the answer is there, but I could not get it easily. 
I guess more tutorials are required :)

Thanks in advance

-- Ricky Marek.

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