[xml] newbie questions about xmlwriter

I am trying to decide whether or not I can use xmlwriter instead of the ad hoc routines that I had written for generating XML. My understanding of what is in the xmlwriter API is pretty much limited to the routines used in testwriter.c. I found that searching the alphabetic index was not very useful since it contains tons of stuff other than xmlwriter.

1. Is there a better way of familiarizing myself with the capabilities of the xmlwriter portion of libxml2? documentation specific to xmlwriter?

2. I couldn't find any routine that would use the abbreviated method of closing an element that does not contain any data: for example, <element attr="abc" \>

3. In my application the place where the information used to generate some of the XML happens before the code that actually creates the XML file. In my ad hoc routines I simply built up the XML string and saved it until later on during the XML generation process. Is there any way in the libxml2/xmlwriter interface for buffering a chunk of XML to be output somewhere in the middle of some other XML generation? I noticed some sort of buffered XML generation in testwriter.c but it seemed to involve creating a different writer. I couldn't see how you could combine this with unbuffered XML generation.

4. The xmlwriter routines in testwriter.c all involve opening a writer associated with a file. Are there other interfaces that write the XML to standard output? to a string?

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