[xml] Problems with file names in UTF-8 on Windows


First of all would like to thank for libxml. Useful and convenient thing has turned out.

Now on business.

First, realization in version 2.6.24 of file name processing in the UTF-8 encoding for Windows has led to the following

1. Updating library to new version results to incapacity for work of programs, which use file names in native encoding; now all such programs are compelled to transform file names to UTF-8 2. The library became incompatible with Windows 95/98/ME, as functions _wfopen and _wstat use features not realized by default in these versions of OS (bug #346367).

It seems reasonable to process file names in native encoding by default, and establish
transformation mode from UTF-8 obviously.
In attachment there is a corrected variant of xmlIO.c. A name transformation mode
is established by function xmlSetFileNameMode.

However using of names in UTF-8 in the offered realization is possible only in
Windows NT/2000/XP/... For Windows 9x it should to add reverse
transformation from Unicode to native encoding.

Second, it would be quite good to add in library group of simple exported
functions for read access to fields of structures.
It will simplify API description in other languages and will allow not to
recompile programs after possible changes of library structures.

The example of realization of similar functions is in the same archive (files wrappers.*). At reading of string fields copying is not carried out to reduce call overhead.

All changes are made on the basis of library version 2.6.26.

With best regards, Emelyanov Alexey.

Attachment: patch.tar.gz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data

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