Re: [xml] python xinclude on windows

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Excellent, thankyou.

At 01/08/2006 20:08:41, Bidoul, Stéphane <Stephane Bidoul softwareag com> 
Hi Roger,

As far as I know xinclude processing is available in the python bindings 

For instance you can call doc.xincludeProcess(), doc being a document 
Alternatively, I think you can also pass options to the parser to enable 
xinclude processing.


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Apologies to Igor - I meant of course  Stéphane Bidoul.

At 01/08/2006 19:12:23, xml-bounces gnome org wrote:
I've installed the the window python bindings for libxml2 from Using inspect on
the libxml2
module, I couldn't find any xinclude functionality. Can
anyone confirm

If the python bindings for the xinclude functionality aren't
in this distribution, how does one compile the python
bindings from scratch?
Are there any crib sheets available?


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