[xml] xsltproc: HTTP requests from an HTML parsing context

I remember doing this before and it worked so maybe something has

I've got an XSLT that is being run over an HTML page:

   xsltproc --html my.xslt some.html

part of the script is to load documents specified in the some.html;

  <xsl:copy-of select="document(concat('http://host/list/', somenode/@id))"/>

Trouble is, the document loads are failing because of HTML parsing

However, I think it's because the in-script loader (the one called by
the 'document' function) is not in HTML parsing mode because if I load
the same document on the command line, eg:

   xsltproc --html other.xslt http://host/list/1663262

then it works ok.

So: is it possible to put the internal document loader into HTML mode.

Didn't it used to work? I'm sure I tried this before...

Nic Ferrier

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